For Princess Josephine (12), the new school year begins with a big change. As the Danish royal family announced via the official Instagram account, the daughter of Crown Prince Frederik (55) and Crown Princess Mary (51) will have to remember a new way to school: “Her Royal Highness Princess Josephine begins the new school year in the 6th grade Kildegård private school. The princess will start at her new school next week and looks forward to continuing her education there.”

Said private school is located in the north of Copenhagen – very close to the Tranegård school where Princess Josephine used to go. With regard to her twin brother Prince Vincent (12), no school change was announced, he obviously remains at the Tranegård school. Why Princess Josephine changed is not clear from the posting of the royal family.

In addition to the twins Josephine and Vincent, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have two other children together: Princess Isabella turned 16 in April this year. First-born Prince Christian, who is behind his father in the line of succession to the Danish throne, will come of age in October this year.

There was also a significant change in him in the summer of 2022. It was then that his parents announced that the prince would no longer attend Herlufsholm boarding school. The royals had previously been criticized for not taking their son out of school immediately after a report alleging bullying and violence against the facility, according to Danish media reports.

Frederik and Mary then released the statement on social media announcing that their eldest son would no longer attend boarding school. It was also announced that Princess Isabella would not go to school as initially planned. Apparently she should have gone there in ninth grade.