Prince William (41) demonstrated on Wednesday how difficult the duty of a British royal can be. Although his wife recently underwent surgery and his father is suffering from cancer, the heir to the throne gave a charming speech at a gala dinner on February 7, according to excerpts shared by Daily Mail royal expert Rebecca English on social media. Media platform “X” shared.

He began by thanking London’s Air Ambulance Charity for the public’s support at the event, without specifying the state of King Charles III’s health. (75) and Princess Kate (42). “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the kind messages of support for Catherine and my father, particularly over the last few days,” William said. “This means a lot to all of us.”

To lighten the mood, the royal joked after these moving words: “You could say the last few weeks have had a more medical focus. So I thought I’d come to an air rescue event to get away from it all.” This caused laughter among those present, including “Mission: Impossible” superstar Tom Cruise (61) on Wednesday evening.

Directly addressing the Hollywood star, Prince William later joked: “And Tom, if you don’t mind not borrowing one of the new helicopters for the next ‘Mission: Impossible,’ that would be greatly appreciated. We’re all up “We’ve seen on our screens that you have, how shall I put it, a different view of ‘normal wear and tear’ than the rest of us.”

William, patron of the organization since March 2020, had already briefly answered questions about his father when he arrived. In further clips you can see how he appears to thank everyone on behalf of his relatives: “We really appreciate everyone’s goodwill. Thank you very much.”

On Wednesday, William returned to his public duties, first by presenting more than 50 honors at Windsor Castle and in the evening by attending the gala dinner. He had taken a short break in the previous weeks to look after his wife, who had undergone abdominal surgery, and their children – Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5). On February 5th, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III. “a form of cancer” was diagnosed during a prostate procedure.

The heir to the throne is expected to take on even more official duties as King Charles III. On the advice of his doctors, he should not attend any public appointments while his treatment is already ongoing – and Princess Kate will also be out for several more weeks. The palace announced that the king would continue to regulate state affairs.