Due to his current visit to London, Prince Harry (39) is closer to his family than he has been for a long time. But the distance and the resulting icy cold couldn’t be greater: on Thursday evening, not a single member of his immediate family appeared on site at the anniversary service of his Invictus Games in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Neither his father, King Charles III. (75), nor his brother, Prince William (41), did the honors there. Both were not announced, but observers did not completely rule out a spontaneous surprise visit. However, the relatives of his late mother, Princess Diana (1961-1997), accompanied Prince Harry, who fled to the USA. Harry wrapped Diana’s brother and sister, Earl Spencer (59) and Lady Jane Fellowes (67), in his arms in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which attracted much media attention.

According to a report in the British tabloid newspaper “The Sun”, two of Harry’s cousins, George McCorquodale (39), Louis Spencer (30) and Lara Spencer (18), sat one row behind Harry in the famous church. Royal expert Ingrid Seward, editor of the magazine “Majesty”, told the paper that the Spencers’ presence was of “great importance” to Harry: “They are very supportive of Harry and have always supported him.”

It is a clear signal to the royal family and to Harry that Diana’s family is there for him. In his eulogy at Princess Diana’s funeral, her brother Charles Spencer also said that he would look after William and Harry in her place. What’s special: His father, King Charles III, was only around 3.5 kilometers away. and his wife, Queen Camilla (76), with 8,000 invited guests on the lawn of Buckingham Palace.

According to media reports, Prince Harry actually wanted to meet his father during his current stay at home. However, his office said on Tuesday that a meeting would not take place due to the king’s busy schedule. Ten years ago, Charles, Camilla and William were on board at the first Invictus Games in London.

Following the anniversary celebrations, Prince Harry is scheduled to travel on to Nigeria this week with his wife Meghan, who is currently not in London. The African country’s highest-ranking military official invited them. There, too, everything revolves around the Invictus Games.