Otmar (Bennik Gehring), Mats (Otto Emil Koch) and Leonie (Cara Magdalena Vondey) see a bright beam in the sky in the dark forest at night and discover a large crater with a metallic object in it. In no time, word of this phenomenon spreads throughout the village; and precautions are immediately taken against an impending alien invasion. Marie (Katharina Wackernagel) can only shake her head and promptly finds the rest of a joint in the forest. Did the children just imagine it all? But when Marie discovers the object with strange characters herself, Marvin Hartwigsen (Stefko Hanushevsky) from Cologne suddenly appears again, who slows her down in her urge to clarify things. Marie has to ask herself what the man is up to and what in the devil’s name is going on with the villagers.

Emilio, an aspiring film star and musician, is the focus of the fifth episode of “Sing my Song” 2024. His personal lyrics and haunting music inspire the other artists. Emilio talks about his origins, his musical beginnings and how he deals with relationship crises and depression. The evening will be a highlight with many emotional moments and an impressive performance from Emilio.

It’s Germany’s birthday! 75 years ago the Federal Republic was founded – and the GDR. What do people know about our history? Mirko Drotschmann asks. He questions people in the market places of the republic and hears many accurate, but also strange answers. He speaks with contemporary witnesses at iconographic places in our history and allows celebrities to have their say, such as the singer Peter Maffay, the songwriter Wolf Biermann, the historian and son of Chancellor Willy Brandt, Peter Brandt, the author and women’s rights activist Seyran Ateş, and Gabriele von Lutzau , which is called “The Angel of Mogadishu”, and others.

Inka Bause presents another season of the global search for love in “Bauer sucht Frau International”. Farmers from all over the world are ready to embark on the adventure of love and find their soul mates. Viewers can look forward to seeing which exotic and local places, from banana plantations to vegetable gardens, will create romantic stories this time.

The Hamburg psychiatrist Johannes “Joe” Jessen (Ulrich Noethen) is not sure whether he wants the precocious Sina Martensen (Mala Emde) as a girlfriend for his daughter Charlotte (Lilly Liefers). But when she shows up at the Jessens’ house one evening with bloodstained clothes, Joe does everything he can to help the girl. Meanwhile, the police – especially Vincent Ruiz (Juergen Maurer) – make a terrible discovery in the Martensens’ house. Sina’s father Ralf is murdered in Sina’s childhood room.