Separated as babies in the turmoil of the Second World War, now reunited at a reunion in Masuria: 78-year-old Agnieszka Witczak (Katharina Schumacher) is happy to finally meet her sister Eleonor Seifert (Bożena Baranowska) from Germany, who is one year older than her! However, she cannot put aside the pain of having spent most of her life without her family. The festival ends with an argument. When Agnieszka was found strangled the next day, forensic scientist Dr. Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger), village police officer Leon Pawlak (Sebastian Hülk) and inspector Zofia Kowalska (Karolina Lodyga) visit the relatives.

Viva España – off to Tenerife! The models move into their model hacienda in Tenerife. Once there, the self-timer shoot awaits them under the motto “Be yourself”, where the models can take two photos of themselves using the self-timer. Also a group ocean shoot with individually styled and tailored clothing on the coast of Tenerife – photographed by Heidi Klum herself. Actress and model Liz Hurley will be a guest judge.

Karla (Sarah Mahita) and Markus Jenner (Nicolas Wolf) are happy about the birth of their twins. But Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) worries about Karla, who appears to have a dangerous coagulation disorder. Her deteriorating health also shocks Fabian Marx (Hannes Schmid), the couple’s best friend. Martin also has to give Karla another message that will have an impact on her future life and the friendship between the three of them.

Choose wisely, answer quickly and deliver correctly: 100 candidates compete against each other in the quiz on a huge LED floor. Each square on the field represents an area of ​​knowledge. Whoever wins the respective duel takes over all of their opponent’s fields. Whoever loses leaves the game. It is important to play tactically and gain more and more ground. The winner wins the main prize of 100,000 euros. Matthias Opdenhövel leads the quiz evening.

FBI agent Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) has long been after the notorious crime boss Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson). When he has to bring a key witness from Hawaii to Los Angeles, there is also a hitman on board the airliner who releases hundreds of poisonous snakes in order to eliminate the witness. A race against time begins for Flynn.