Jana Wenzel (Adina Vetter) finds her husband Christoph strangled. A Stradivarius that has been missing for decades is missing from the murdered man’s secret collection of instruments: the “Messiah”. A myth says that whoever plays this violin will die a violent death. Has the curse taken its toll here, or is the motive for the murder more mundane? The victim was a customer of a ring of fences for antique instruments.

100 days, 24 hours of surveillance, one container and no contact with the outside world: The residents live together in their new shared apartment in the container for 100 days and are under 24-hour camera surveillance. Big Brother sees everything. Who will accept the challenge? Who can cope with 100 days of complete isolation? Who leaves the container as the winner?

Former prison inmate Judith (Jenny Schily) was once involved in the robbery of Roloff’s private bank. Young Jan (Leonard Carow) recognizes her as the woman who shot his father, a security guard at the bank. Jan seeks contact with David Roloffs (Christoph Bach), the banker’s son, who also lost his father in the failed robbery and the subsequent hostage-taking. David struggles with his own demons: his mother seeks revenge against Judith for her husband’s death. But the deeper David delves into the case, the more he doubts Judith’s guilt.

After the tragic death of his parents, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is raised by his butler Alfred. He travels to Asia and is trained in martial arts by Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson) and Ra’s Al Ghul. When he learns that Gotham City is under threat, he returns and forms his alter ego as Batman. Together with Alfred (Michael Caine) he takes on numerous criminals.

A new day brings new romantic possibilities for the singles at First Dates Hotel. While Sina and Andreas get closer to each other on their second date on the beach, everything in the restaurant of the First Dates Hotel is all about romance. Linda and Philipp, Claudia and Gerold as well as Kim and David meet for the first time. Who gets the spark going?