Moment of shock for Helene Fischer, her team and thousands of fans: the hit star injured himself on stage – so bad that the concert in Hanover on Sunday evening had to be canceled. The singer has received medical treatment, said a spokeswoman for the organizer Live Nation.

“Further information about the nature of the injury is not available at this time,” it said. Several media reported that Fischer injured his nose during an exercise on the trapeze. The performance was initially interrupted and then canceled. The 38-year-old is known for her acrobatics on and above the stage – including on the trapeze.

Accident during trapeze exercise

Videos and pictures that concertgoers shared on the Internet show how Fischer apparently collides with her partner during a trapeze exercise. Still hanging in the air, Fischer continues to sing for the time being. A little later she is said to have left the stage bleeding.

According to Live Nation, the singer broke a rib during acrobatic rehearsals in March. After that, several performances had to be postponed. Fischer therefore apologized to his fans: “I hope you know how sorry I am.” Sometimes “higher powers are at work”.

Fischer was last on tour in 2018. After a baby break, she returned to the stage in 2022 and gave her biggest concert to date in Munich in front of around 130,000 fans. Since spring she has been back on the stages of her tour in Germany.

Akrobatik at Cirque du Soleil

According to Live Nation, the concert on Sunday evening in Hanover was the 42nd of the current tour. The show in the ZAG Arena was planned as the final concert of the first part of the tour. It was also the 5th in the Lower Saxony state capital. The tour is now scheduled to pause until the end of August, when Fischer is supposed to perform in Cologne.

Fischer had developed and practiced acrobatics with experts from Cirque du Soleil for the tour to her album “Rausch”. According to the website, up to 14,000 people fit into the ZAG Arena in Hanover.

Numerous spectators expressed their fright on Sunday evening after the concert – the singer had performed on stage for about an hour before the accident – and wished Fischer a speedy recovery.