There were riots and riots at carnival parades and festivals in North Rhine-Westphalia on Saturday. The police went to a carnival party in Menden in Sauerland on Saturday evening with a large contingent because too many people crowded into the marquee at the same time. According to the police, three people had to be treated for circulatory problems.

A woman was also sexually assaulted in the queue. The suspect received a eviction. The alleged attack happened when about 1,000 people were standing in front of the tent waiting to be admitted. At the time, however, the tent was already fully booked with around 1,000 guests, said a police spokesman.

At least 13 people were taken into police custody during two carnival parades in the Viersen district on Saturday. Troublemakers were consistently taken out of circulation at the events in Bracht and Oedt, the police said in the evening. Even before the start, a 37-year-old rioted, insulted emergency services and resisted. According to their own statements, the police issued 30 places. Reports were filed for bodily harm and property damage. In Bracht, an unknown person threw a bottle at a fire engine and spat at the emergency services.

In Leichlingen in the Rhineland, the police went into fights several times on Saturday evening. According to the police, a 20-year-old was attacked by three people during a fight at an event in a festival hall. A 47-year-old man was taken into police custody. He was so drunk that it was feared that he would commit further crimes. Later in the evening, there were several altercations between guests and with security personnel. Another 36-year-old was taken into police custody.

In the carnival strongholds of Düsseldorf and Cologne, the police also had a lot to do. But in Düsseldorf’s old town it was no more than on other weekends, said a spokeswoman. “There was a lot to do, but nothing outstanding”. The Cologne police made a similar statement. The rain that started in the evening also led to a “migration” of carnival participants, it said there.