This new styling approach has been buzzing around in the fashion world of fashion bloggers for some time. Now the TikTok fashion trend “Outfit Sandwiching” is slowly conquering the mainstream world of fashion. What exactly is behind the TikTok trend, which definitely has nothing to do with sandwiches?

The idea behind this is that each outfit consists of two pieces of “bread” that are the same color, with a garment or accessory of a different color worn in between (the “toppings” of the outfit). For example, this could look like matching the color of the shirt and shoes while wearing a pair of pants of a different color in between. It is also possible to put together an “outfit sandwich” from different textures, fabrics or proportions.

To try Outfit Sandwiching, choose two colors. A “bread” color and a “topping” color. For example, black could be the outer color and white the inner. It is important to always work with colors that contrast well with each other.

“Outfit Sandwiching” ensures a creative look by combining colors and contrasts in a new way. The idea of ​​creating outfits based on color and texture contrasts opens up endless possibilities for personal styling.

If you are looking for a style-conscious way to give your personal wardrobe a new fashion influence, the TikTok trend is just the thing for you! Anyone who tries “outfit sandwiching” should definitely dare to experiment with different colors and materials.