Leni Klum (19) fans are very familiar with the life of the young model. After all, the 19-year-old regularly shares impressions of her life on Instagram and shows herself in snapshots with model mom Heidi (50) or her long-term partner Aris Rechevski. Only recordings with her biological father Flavio Briatore (73), with whom her mother was briefly involved in the early 2000s, have a certain rarity.

But now the ex-Formula 1 manager has posted a sunny holiday photo of himself with his daughter Leni and his younger son Nathan Falco Briatore (12) on his Instagram profile. On the summer holiday picture, which was obviously taken on a motorboat, Leni and Flavio Briatore look happily into the camera, the model has lovingly put his arm around the 73-year-old Italian. “Holiday in Monaco with Leni Klum, Nathan Falco Briatore and friends,” writes Briatore himself on the recording.

In the social network, the summery family picture evokes enthusiastic reactions. “Leni is so beautiful,” writes one user. “Nice picture, a father with his children always moves the heart,” says another. A third comment says: “Finally with the beautiful daughter”.

In fact, Leni Klum had no contact with her biological father in the early years of her life. As is well known, mother Heidi was married to British singer Seal (60) from 2005, who adopted Leni in 2009. But in recent years, father and daughter have been spending more time together, as the idyllic vacation shots now show. Incidentally, Leni Klum’s friend Aris Rechevski was also present on the Mediterranean trip, as can be seen from Flavio Briatore’s Instagram stories.

Leni’s model mother has also been in the Mediterranean for the past few days. Together with husband Tom Kaulitz (33) and their three children Lou (13), Johan (16) and Henry (17), all of whom come from their marriage to Seal, Heidi Klum spent a few days on the island of Capri, as numerous snapshots show occupy Instagram. Kaulitz and Klum said yes there on August 3, 2019. Now the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary exactly four years later on the island off the Gulf of Naples.