With the gardening season comes the time for children to play outside – with great play equipment in the garden it’s twice as much fun! But which outdoor play equipment is popular with kids, what can each model do and what age are they suitable for? We looked around and filtered out the eight best play equipment for the garden from the jungle of offers – there is something suitable for every child and every garden size.

There are a few toys that are particularly popular with children. These include classics such as swings, slides and climbing frames. But special features such as trampolines and paddling pools, which are not available on every playground, are also sought after by the little ones.

From children to adults – jumping on a trampoline is fun for everyone. And in addition to the fun of it, jumping has another advantage because it promotes coordination and balance and strengthens the muscles. Parents can let their children jump without hesitation on a trampoline secured with a net, such as the Songmics model.

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Playful training of strength and dexterity is possible with a gymnastics or horizontal bar in the garden. Ideally, the bars of the horizontal bar are made of stainless steel, like the gymnastics horizontal bar from Hudora – this is particularly grippy and gentle on the hands as well as weatherproof. According to the manufacturer, the double version is ideal for two or more children and comes with a concrete ground anchor to ensure optimal stability.

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A seesaw is well suited for a large family with at least two children because it can only be played by two people. There are models for very small or slightly older children. Children should definitely be able to hold on well. With classic rockers, additional impact protection on the floor can be considered. The garden seesaw from Spielwerk is beautifully colorful and has a little extra: it can be rotated 360 degrees.

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A rope ladder is a great play equipment for adventurers and explorers of the highest heights. The outdoor rope ladder from Eichhorn is made of wood and offers five rungs with which the little ones can reach high:

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The modular climbing frame is ideal for little ones aged three and over. Not only can they play and climb around to their heart’s content, the construction itself is a lot of fun and is always new. With the climbing tower from Moveandstic there are many options for building your own towers and constructions – according to the manufacturer, putting them together is child’s play:

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A nest swing is a good option for the garden for both small and large children. These swings are cozy and safe even for babies, bringing fun and comfort while swinging. The Yorbay nest swing is designed without holes, which increases safety for the little ones:

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If you have enough space in the garden and want to give the kids a lot of fun, you can consider a complete set consisting of a play tower, slide and swing. Everything that is fun for the little ones is already included here. The wooden play tower with a plastic slide and two swings as well as a climbing wall is an adventurous overall package with numerous play options for children aged three and over:

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When it gets really hot, the little ones love a nice way to cool off. Paddling pools in your own garden are a welcome alternative to the outdoor pool. With this paddling pool, cooling off and fun go hand in hand – with a slide, arch and rubber animals, hours of playing in the cool water are guaranteed:

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In no time at all, the garden can be transformed into your own adventure playground with the right play equipment. There are devices that are particularly popular with little ones. When buying, you have to pay attention to a few things, such as the safety and stability as well as weather resistance of the devices and enough space in the garden, ideally on a soft surface such as a lawn.

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