When the temperatures rise, parents hear the hopeful question “Do we really have to come in now?” almost every day in the evening. Children love to play outside in spring and summer, when the days are getting longer and it stays pleasantly warm into the evening hours. The youngest members of the family simply need a lot of exercise and freedom and there is plenty of that in the fresh air. However, parents still have to keep them busy, because it usually doesn’t work without entertainment. Here you will find great ideas for child-friendly outdoor games.

Children want to discover the world with their own eyes, and there are so many exciting and new things to explore outdoors. With this researcher set, children can get to know nature and animals up close using binoculars, magnifying glasses and the like.

Games with throwing elements require skill and endurance. In this tossing game, kids use small rings to score points by hitting the right sticks. The game promotes your children’s fine motor skills and dexterity and can also be played well alone.

Viking chess is a popular Scandinavian parlor game and is suitable for the whole family. It is played in two teams and attempts are made to knock over the other team’s sticks with throwing sticks. The king in the middle of the playing field must not be hit. Viking chess is quick and easy to set up anywhere, all you need is an even surface and space to throw.

When the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, children need to cool down. Cool water and play can be wonderfully combined, because there are a variety of water features. Water playgrounds are suitable for smaller children, so your children can regulate the water supply themselves and let small boats swim. If you have space in the garden, you can use this slide mat to build your own water slide in no time at all. These sprinkler mats are also suitable as an alternative to the paddling pool and are suitable for the whole family and allow you to cool off comfortably in summer. It also gets exciting for children when water pistols come into play, because then they can chase their way through the garden and splash wet.

Playing outside makes you tired, this is especially true when jumping on the trampoline. Children with a lot of energy can really work out on a trampoline. There are small children’s trampolines or slightly more expensive large trampolines for the whole family, on which parents can also jump.

Children as young as three can fly a kite with the help of their parents. Light kites are best to start with because they can be stabilized in the wind with small fringes or an extra extension. This way they glide through the air more easily and don’t fall as quickly. However, there is one thing that beginners and advanced kite pilots always need: wind.

This outdoor game takes you high: Soap bubbles are equally popular with children of almost all ages. There are the classic round bubbles, but there are also numerous creative shapes that can be created with the help of various gadgets. This includes, for example, this soap bubble toy with different shapes for extra large soap bubbles.

The first own car is still a long time coming, but children love to emulate their parents and drive their own small vehicles. The classic bobby car still makes children’s hearts beat faster today, just like electric cars. However, the latter is more expensive to purchase. Older children who no longer want to drive a bobby car also like pedal vehicles, which are suitable for rougher terrain.

A swing cloth is a large, colorful cloth that is moved by multiple players. It is therefore particularly suitable for families or occasions such as children’s birthday parties. Games with swing cloth and balls are popular. They are thrown onto the cloth with the intention that they should either remain on the cloth or be shaken off.

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