Photographers usually stay in the background and put the stars in the limelight with their cameras. But at this year’s Oscars, a photographer moved into the limelight: he fell on the red carpet – and thus became a motif himself.

The pictures show how the photographer is hung with several heavy cameras and how a beetle is lying on its back. The red soles of his shoes stick up and make the man look helpless. The eyes of all bystanders are directed at him.

Singer and actress Lady Gaga is also visibly concerned and runs to him, as “Page Six” reports, among other things. The accident happened right behind her.

In a video posted by the French site “Watson” on Instagram, among others, you can see Lady Gaga running to the man. But he’s back on his feet again. She still touches his arm. He seems to follow the motto: get up, adjust the suit and camera, carry on as if nothing had happened.

After the singer has made sure that he is okay, she continues her walk on the beige carpet. Her appearance may have surprised many, because it had been announced in advance that Lady Gaga would not come.

However, the photographer shouldn’t be the only one who fainted at the sight of Lady Gaga’s back view: her black robe from the luxury label Versace had a completely transparent back. It was so deep that it reached to the middle of her buttocks and not only revealed her tattoos, but also her buttocks.

To give the outfit the necessary elegance, she wore a tight-fitting diamond necklace by Tiffany

She was nominated for best song on the soundtrack to Top Gun: Maverick for her song Hold My Hand. In the end, the award won M.M. Keeravani with his song “Naatu Naatu”, but later in the evening Lady Gaga made headlines again with her performance:

She had taken off her luxurious robes and sang “Hold My Hand” like in an acoustic session. In tattered jeans and a dark shirt, it was all about her voice – and she inspired her fans with it

Sources: “Page Six”, Instagram