Just at the beginning of the month, British director Christopher Nolan (53) received the first Oscars of his career – thanks to his drama “Oppenheimer” about the “father of the atomic bomb”, Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy, 47). Now the next prestigious award awaits the filmmaker: As the BBC reports, Nolan was chosen, most likely by King Charles III. (75) to be knighted and henceforth be allowed to bear the title Sir.

But it’s not just Nolan who expects this honor. His wife Emma Thomas (52), who produced most of his successful films, will also receive the same award. She will therefore be able to call herself Dame Emma Thomas after the ceremony. Both spouses will be awarded knighthoods based on their achievements in the film industry, the BBC quotes from a government statement.

Together they received the Oscar for Best Film at the 96th edition of the Academy Awards thanks to “Oppenheimer”. Shortly before, Nolan was also awarded “Best Director”, and the biopic won a total of seven of the coveted golden boys.

Thomas also worked as a producer on Nolan’s “Tenet”, “Dunkirk”, “Interstellar”, “Memento”, “Prestige – The Masters of Magic” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy. They were also nominated together for an Oscar in the Best Film category for the sci-fi thriller “Inception” and the war drama “Dunkirk,” but came away empty-handed.

The decades-long success story of the two continues unabated. Nolan and Thomas met and fell in love as students at London University. In 1997, their wedding bells rang. The couple now lives in Los Angeles and has four children together.