Be careful with alcohol! When the European Football Championship kicks off in June, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fans from all over Europe will come to Germany to cheer on their national teams in the stadiums or at public viewing – quite a few of them will certainly have a beer in their hand.

But that’s exactly what the British Foreign Office is warning UK citizens about if they travel to Germany for Euro 2024. “Beer can be stronger than in the UK, so drink responsibly, know your limits and respect local laws,” the ministry writes on its homepage, where it has compiled travel advice for the European Championship. Anyone who drank too much could be denied entry to the stadium.

According to the “Bierentdecker” portal, the alcohol content of beer is on average between 4.8 and 5.4 percent – ​​but there are also beers with a higher percentage by volume. British beer and lager, on the other hand, has a low alcohol content: an average of 4.6 percent, according to the organization Drinkaware. But there are stronger beers there too.

The Foreign Office in London has other useful tips for football fans from the island: For example, that you should only buy tickets for the games from official providers and that these are electronic. That’s why it’s important to have a sufficiently charged smartphone. You should also take good care of your passport and valuables – like in any other country.

And: You should be aware of local cultural sensitivities and their effects.

Sources:  UK Foreign Office, The Times, Beer Explorer, Drinkaware