First the rumor, then the joint confirmation via podcast: In the marriage between Oliver (45) and Amira Pocher (30), according to their own statements, “difficult” times have begun. At an event in Offenbach, Oliver Pocher once again spoke to RTL about the marriage crisis. There he also emphasized that there are currently “no water levels to report”.

In any case, there is definitely no radio silence: “We perform together, we are together everywhere.” Above all in their joint talk format. “I also talk to Amira quite normally in our podcast, where we talk about everything and all personal sensitivities. It’s part of life – and it goes on,” says Pocher. His message to all fans: “You don’t have to worry about me” and “everything is wonderful.”

In the latest edition of “The Pochers!” the couple stated that they wanted to talk about the marital crisis and thus “sweep their own front door”. They couldn’t and didn’t want to hide their problems. “We don’t shy away from difficult issues either,” emphasizes Oliver Pocher. “It’s just difficult at the moment,” adds his wife. “The people around us also know that and one of them chatted away, but that’s the way it is.” In conversation with her husband, the presenter continues: “The darned seventh year, or something.” When asked by Oliver Pocher where her wedding ring is, she replies: “I’m currently doing so much sport, it’s in the gym.” But she hasn’t worn any jewelry for weeks.

You still don’t know how to proceed. “When we know more details, we will tell you.” You would first have to “clarify a few things” for yourself and “let everything continue to run smoothly, just for the children”. However, the Pochers keep to themselves which problems exactly burden the couple. “What has nothing to do with it is the patchwork situation,” emphasizes the comedian.

The two have been a couple for seven years. They met in 2016 on “Tinder” and in autumn 2019 they said yes in the Maldives. Her sons were born in 2019 and 2020. Oliver Pocher was previously married to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden from 2010 to 2014, with whom he has three children.