Can you assert yourself as a woman in a male-dominated scene like the rap scene? The steep career and success of the young rapper Badmómzjay (20) are the best proof that this is possible. With her music, the 20-year-old actively supports issues that are close to her heart – against racism and discrimination, for self-reflection, dealing with one’s own identity and more visibility for LGBTQIA. “As a female rapper, I often had to contend with prejudice,” says the young artist in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

She now also gets visibility for the topics that are close to her heart in Telekom’s new young campaign. In collaboration with the filmmaker Tatjana Wenig (28) and a predominantly female production crew, a video for the track “Mal mehr, mal less” was created, in which Badmómzjay addresses the situation of women in the rap scene.

A common misconception is that women in the rap business are less talented or authentic. “A lot of people thought I’d only been able to succeed because of my looks or some rad connections. I think women in general have a harder time getting recognition for their music and passion – but it’s especially true for young women,” he said the rapper, whose real name is Jordan Napieray, in an interview.

Her self-confidence to stand up against injustice comes from her inner conviction and her love for music. “I think it’s important to take a stand and point out things that I think are wrong. I believe that music can be a platform for change,” she says. Especially in their community there is a strong cohesion. “It strengthens my self-confidence to continue to stand up against injustice.”

Badmómzjay advises her fans: “It is important to believe in yourself and not to be influenced by the doubts or prejudices of others.” Any person who feels love for something and has a message, I believe, should share it with the world and stand up for what they believe in.

She also appreciated this aspect on the set when shooting the new campaign video: “In the production crew, every point of view was heard and respected,” says the 20-year-old. “Our different perspectives and ideas led to a creative collaboration, which I really enjoyed.”

The rapper believes it’s important to give women more opportunities in the film and music industries. “There are so many talented women in different areas of the production process. It always works best when you are open to different perspectives, have no prejudices, listen to others first – that releases creativity.”