After all the months surrounding the very public separation, seeing a clip like this again would probably surprise many of the followers of Oliver Pocher (45) and Amira Pocher (31). In an Instagram story, the comedian shows that he welcomed the new year together with the presenter on New Year’s Eve – and was apparently in a good mood.

“So, happy new year,” wishes Oliver Pocher in the short video. At his side, Amira beams into the camera with a “Happy New Year” while fireworks boom loudly in the background. “Who would have thought that, right?” he asks his fans.

Then the comedian asks his former partner: “Come, kiss me!” It’s not clear what exactly happens – he seems to give her a kiss on the cheek and a small smack can be heard. “Now let’s get back to the good old days,” he continues to joke. “Stop it now,” Amira laughs, before grinning “You want it too” into the lens.

“The fireworks are still burning inside her…”, the 45-year-old can’t resist commenting on a clip of colorful pyrotechnics. The year ended much more forgivingly for the Pochers than many followers might have assumed. They had spent Christmas apart from each other. Their two children were with her and her family, and he spent a few days with his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden (40), with whom he also has three children, in Miami.

The Pochers parted ways again that night, as the comedian explains in another clip: “That’s the Instagram reality here. The dad sits at home and looks after the two small children. Amira is still doing it Party.” His older children are “also partying somewhere in the neighborhood” and he’s somehow “killing time here.”