Twins are a challenge in themselves. That’s what Sarah Rohde and Tim Franke experienced this year. The couple from Hesse had their first offspring in January – and twice. But when the twins Paul and Marten were a few months old, Sarah Rohde, 30, tested positive again. An ultrasound examination then brought the certainty: It will be twins again!

A message that the couple really didn’t expect. “You couldn’t understand how it works that you have twins twice in a row,” Rohde’s partner Tim Franke, 34, told radio station FFH. “But in the end we’re really looking forward to it.”

Twice twins – that’s as unlikely as it sounds. The probability of this happening is 0.01 percent. The fact that the double pack then happens directly one after the other and in the same year is, at least theoretically, almost impossible. And yet that is exactly what Sarah Rohde and Tim Franke are expecting.

The second pair of twins is due to be born in December, and this time they will also be fraternal twins – a boy and a girl. “What can we say, it wasn’t really planned that way. Nevertheless, we are very happy to lovingly welcome these new little people into our lives,” writes Sarah Rohde on Instagram, where she and her husband share their followers in their everyday lives take along. The name of her profile says it all: “The one with the many twins”.

Before the newcomers are born, the family still has to organize a few things. For example, the couple is looking for a larger car to be able to travel with the whole family. After the birth, emergency paramedic Franke wants to take parental leave, and the children’s grandmother has already promised her active support. The anticipation is great, but so are the challenges that await Sarah Rohde and Tim Franke. “It will be three to four really tough years,” said Franke of the “Hessian/Lower Saxony General”.

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