The “NDR Talk Show”, moderated by Barbara Schöneberger and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, celebrated its thousandth edition on October 13th. Carolin Kebekus, 43, who is currently pregnant, was also a guest. The conversation was about, among other things, the comedian not understanding why some women are now so hateful to her.

Kebekus gets a lot of tips, she explains in response to a question from Schöneberger. “What I really underestimated is this: ‘Yes, just wait and see,'” says the 43-year-old – especially from “women who have already experienced all of this.” Then Kebekus asked himself: “Huh, where does this spite come from now? Since when have we stopped being friends? What’s going on here?”

She is asked, for example, whether she feels sick, whether she can still sleep or whether she already has water in her legs. And then this comes up again: “Yes, wait a minute!” For example, you might hear: “It’s all going to be terrible. You’ll never be able to sleep again, you’ll never be able to go out again.”

However, Kebekus is doing well. At the beginning of her pregnancy she was actually a bit tired at times and “laid around a lot” when she wasn’t working. But Kebekus “really doesn’t have any other problems.” She has also announced another tour for the end of next year. From September 2024, the comedian would like to be on stage again in Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Dresden and many other cities. She thinks it’s a “good plan.” The corresponding comment? “Yes, just wait and see. You won’t be able to do anything!”

Kebekus summarizes this change in conversations about her pregnancy as follows: “Before you’re pregnant, everyone says: ‘Oh, do that. Have children. It’ll be so nice.’ And then when you’re pregnant: ‘Welcome to Hell!'”