This baby will forever have a very special relationship with 50 Cent and his music: A woman gave birth to a child at the rapper’s concert (“In Da Club”, “Candy Shop”) in Ridgefield, Washington. This is reported by the US portal “Page Six”.

According to the report, paramedics were called to a woman who appeared to be in trouble at the RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater. They discovered that the concert-goer was pregnant and had already started labor. There was no time left to take the woman to a hospital. Some other visitors and employees at the location formed a “human curtain” so that she had at least a minimum of privacy during the birth.

Then the baby was born to the beats of 50 Cent – it was a girl. The mother and daughter were then driven to a hospital. “According to the latest reports, both are doing well,” Page Six quoted a source as saying. Last year, a woman gave birth at a Metallica concert in Brazil, and in 2019 a child was born during a Pink performance in Liverpool.

50 Cent is currently on tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his hit album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”. From next week he will also be coming to Europe. In Germany, performances are planned in Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Munich, Mannheim and Oberhausen. The rapper can also be seen in the film “The Expendables 4”, which opens in German cinemas on Thursday.

What: “Page Six”

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