Will there be new hardware from Apple soon? At the moment everything looks like this, because the Cupertino company has announced an event entitled “Let yourself be free” for May 7th. While details about upcoming announcements are usually kept top secret until the event, many agree that the event logo gives away what it’s all about. These are the current rumors about the upcoming event.

The graphic for the “Let Loose” event shows a hand holding an Apple Pencil with the tip resting on a colorful background. For many observers, this is evidence enough that the upcoming event is about the introduction of new iPad models. In particular, experts expect that the iPad Pro will undergo a comprehensive overhaul. Accordingly, the iPad Pro will be equipped with an OLED display for the first time and will be available in sizes 11.1 inches and 13.1 inches.

The switch to OLED technology promises a significant improvement in image quality through the individual control of each pixel, resulting in greater contrast and lower energy consumption. Additionally, the new iPad Pro is expected to feature Apple’s powerful M3 chip, which would mean a decent boost in CPU and graphics performance.

Aside from the iPad Pro, several observers are also expecting an update to the iPad Air line, including a new 12.9-inch version. In addition to the new tablets, industry insiders are also speculating on the launch of a revised Apple Pencil (it would be the third generation) and a new Magic Keyboard.

The broadcast of the “Let Loose” event starts at 4:00 p.m. (German time) and will be available worldwide. Apple offers the live stream on various platforms, including the official Apple website, the Apple TV app and YouTube. This time is unusually early by Apple standards, which some interpret as a sign that Apple could also announce the start of sales of the Vision Pro in Europe.

The choice of London as the venue for a “hands on” event at the same time also speaks in favor of the start of Vision Pro in Europe. The international launch of the Vision Pro would also make strategic sense before Apple presents the visionOS 2 operating system at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June this year.