Singer Cher’s family is currently very worried. Britain’s Daily Mail reports it has documents showing the singer hired men to kidnap her drug-addicted son Elijah, 44, from the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles last year. Elijah had lived there for six months and was in trouble because of his drug use. Most recently, he is said to have collapsed on the floor in front of the hotel and is therefore currently in a clinic.

Court documents filed by Elijah Blue Allman’s wife, Marieangela King, say four men “removed” him from a New York hotel room on their anniversary in November 2022. The couple wanted to spend a total of twelve days there to “work on their marriage,” as the BBC summarizes. One of the four men who kidnapped him told her that the men were hired by Allman’s mother – Cher had been.

Both mother and wife seem to be very concerned about Allman’s condition at the moment. A few days after the lawsuit was filed, King asserted in a supplementary statement filed with the court: “I am not currently aware of my husband’s health or whereabouts […] I understand his family’s efforts to ensure that he is well, and I want the best for my husband.”

Cher’s reaction to the incidents at the Chateau Marmont Hotel or the condition of her son Elijah has not yet been announced. The singer recently appeared in public at the Balmain fashion show in Paris with her old and new boyfriend Alexander Edwards, 37.

Sources:  “Daily Mail”, SpotOn, BBC