It’s been seven years since “Brangelina” broke up – and with it one of the dream factory’s most dazzling showcase couples. In a new interview with “Vogue”, Angelina Jolie (48) has now revealed that she has had “a lot of need for healing” since her marriage to Brad Pitt (59) and that she and her children “are still at it.” “To find our footing”. In fact, this emotional phase of discovery for the actress could be seen in her CV since the separation. How does that compare to ex-love Pitt?

What is noticeable about Jolie is that she initially shied away from being in front of the camera after the announcement of her separation from Pitt. It wasn’t until 2019, a good three years later, that she was seen in a role again – in the sequel to the fairy tale reinterpretation “Maleficent – The Dark Fairy” (2014). However, this blockbuster part initially remained the exception: her fantasy film “The Magic of Dreams” (2020), which was released before Corona, failed completely and did not gross two million dollars worldwide. And in “The One and Only True Ivan,” also from 2020, Jolie was only heard as a voice in the English original.

The Oscar winner was not inactive during this period, on the contrary. She is more committed than ever to saving the real world: As a special envoy for the UNHCR (stands for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), she has visited more than 40 crisis regions in recent years, most recently in Ukraine . However, in December 2022, it was announced in a statement that Jolie was stepping down from this position. From now on she wanted to “work differently”, for example “directly with refugees and local organizations”, she was quoted in the message.

Since 2021, Jolie has also been working on her Hollywood comeback – in a very familiar genre. In “They Want Me Dead,” for example, she returned to the action roots that had catapulted her to the top of Hollywood’s top earners around 20 years earlier. Also in 2021, she celebrated her Marvel debut in the film “Eternals”, which received mixed reviews from critics.

Although there has been some radio silence since then, Ms. Jolie will definitely be seen on the screen more often in the coming cinema years. She is currently in pre-production on three projects, including the third “Maleficent” part. Steven Knight (64) also stages the life of the opera singer Maria Callas (1923-1977), played by Jolie, with “Maria”. The third film is the drama “Every Note Played” based on the novel of the same name, in which Christoph Waltz (66) is also said to be involved.

Such a noticeable break in Brad Pitt’s film career was not observed after the separation. Not only was he in the cinema until 2019, he celebrated the greatest success of his career: he won his first Oscar in 2020 for his supporting role in Quentin Tarantino’s (60) film “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”.

After the Corona forced break, he had more drive than ever – the three films “The Lost City”, “Bullet Train” and “Babylon – Rush of Ecstasy” were released in 2022. But Jolie has one thing ahead of her ex-husband: she currently has more projects in the pipeline than Pitt, at least when it comes to film roles. He currently has an as yet unnamed Formula 1 film coming up, in which Javier Bardem (54) is also expected to appear. The thriller “Wolves” is also currently in production, which reunites Pitt with his old “Ocean’s” companion George Clooney (62).

To compensate for what may be a somewhat sparser screen presence, Pitt is continuing to push forward with his work as a producer. According to the industry website “IMDb”, a whopping nine projects are in the works.