Mr Knopfler, you recently auctioned off 120 guitars. Do you already miss any of them? No, not yet.

There wasn’t a moment where you thought: Man, I should have kept the red Schecter Telecaster? Well, now that you say it like that, it makes me think… That was a great guitar.

What makes her special? She’s just a tough thing, she has a good amount of noise in her. It was perfect for certain parts.

Have you, like your colleague Pete Townshend, ever smashed a guitar on stage? Not that I remember. I once owned a 12-string, a relatively cheap piece from Silvertone. When I wanted to get up, I briefly supported myself on the body and pressed it directly with my thumb. The part was made of the cheapest cardboard. However, I didn’t go any further when it came to breaking guitars.

What was the longest period where you didn’t play? I’d say I’m in the middle of it. Since I finished the new album, I haven’t had a guitar in my hand.

Don’t you miss it?It’s about time, I need to get back in shape. My playing suffers a lot because I’m a songwriter.

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