The concept of the Netflix dating show “Love is blind” (originally “Love is blind”) is simple: women and men who want to date sit opposite each other in so-called “pods”, i.e. small chambers, and get to know each other. The highlight is that they are separated by a wall, so they only get to know each other through conversation. This goes on for several days, after the dates the women and men stay in separate rooms.

Anyone who gets along well, even in love, gets engaged at the end of the dating phase without ever having seen each other. Some couples are still together after the show, while others experienced stress and separations. And some are now not criticizing their partners, but the production company behind “Love is Blind”, Kinetic Content. According to “Business Insider”, the shooting conditions are unreasonable. Apparently, the candidates had to be available 20 hours a day, according to one of the allegations. “I feel like they’re doing it on purpose because they’re trying to break you. They want to push you to the limit,” says Danielle Drouin, who starred on the show’s first season.

According to the investigative report, several season one candidates remember unreasonable conditions at the retreats. If they were allowed to sleep, they reportedly had to share a trailer with bunk beds. Some women told of cockroaches crawling on the floor of the wagon. After numerous complaints, hotel rooms were organized for the participants. To ensure that they did not leave their rooms without permission, producers are said to have stood guard.

Danielle Ruhl, who married co-star Nick Thompson at the end of season two, is also making serious allegations. On Instagram, she explained that before she took part, she had taken part in an evaluation with a psychologist. She said there that she had already attempted suicide in the hope that she would be protected if the filming was too challenging for someone like her. However, that was not the case, says Ruhl. Her participation was approved without objection. Today she regrets ever having participated. During filming in Mexico, her situation escalated when she was isolated from producers and not given anything to eat. She was also threatened with being fined $50,000 if she stopped filming.

According to “Business Insider”, other candidates reported that excessive alcohol consumption was encouraged on the set. Kinetic Content, the production company behind Love Is Blind, told Insider: “The well-being of our contestants is of the utmost importance to Kinetic. We have strict protocols to care for each person before, during and after filming.”

Sources: Business Insider / Insider / Instagram