The techno remix “Girl on the Horse” that has become popular on the Tiktok video platform is the summer hit of 2023. The song, reissued by the DJ and producer duo Luca-Dante Spadafora and Niklas Dee together with the singer Octavian, has been “going viral for weeks ” and last Friday topped the official German singles chart for the first time, the market research institute GfK Entertainment announced on Wednesday in Baden-Baden.

The institute determines the German summer hit every year, last year the so-called Ballermann song “Layla”, which was controversial because of its text, won the race. In 2023, the new techno version of the song “Girl on the Horse”, originally written as a soundtrack song for the children’s and youth film “Bibi und Tina”, was accepted. It meets “all the important criteria that make a real summer hit,” explained GfK Entertainment.

The institute referred to an easy-to-sing-along text, a catchy melody and a danceable rhythm. “Girl on the horse” has been number one in the dance charts for four weeks, has “high hits on social media and is played up and down in holiday regions such as Mallorca,” the music experts continued.

According to GfK Entertainment, “Girl on the Horse” is only the fourth title produced in Germany to take the lead since the start of the annual summer hit freestyle program 33 years ago. Previously, only “Layla” last year and 2007 Culcha Candela with “Hamma!” and in 2003 the musicians Buddy vs. DJ The Wave with the song “Ab in den Sueden”.

According to the institute, “Girl on the Horse” initially spread mainly via the Chinese online network Tiktok, which is designed for videos, and was then also picked up on other social media platforms. It is therefore also popular in neighboring German-speaking countries. The song has been leading the Austrian single charts for four weeks.

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