Stage victory for Michael Oher (37): In August, the former football star filed a lawsuit against his foster parents Sean (63) and Leigh Anne Tuohy (63) and demanded that he be released from his guardianship. The Tuohys had set this up when he came of age and then sold the film rights to his life story in his name, which was made into a film in 2009 under the title “Blind Side – The Big Chance”. In his lawsuit, Oher sought financial compensation and the immediate termination of the guardianship. The latter claim has now been granted by the responsible court.

As “Entertainment Weekly” reports, Shelby County Probate Court Judge Kathleen Gomes terminated the legal guardianship of the Tuohy business couple yesterday, Friday, effective immediately. In a statement about the decision, she was “disturbed” that such an agreement could even be set up in Oher’s case. Normally, guardianship is only ordered if the person concerned is unable to make independent decisions due to illness or disability. This was not the case with Michael Oher. “I can’t believe it’s come to this,” said the judge.

The further course of the court proceedings will now focus on clarifying income from the sale of the film rights for “Blind Side – The Big Chance”, which was supposedly withheld from Oher. The film, with Sandra Bullock (59) in one of the leading roles, tells the life story of Oher, who, as a black child from a broken background, found a new home with the white entrepreneurial couple Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy and, thanks to their support, ultimately became a star in the American National Football League .