Matthias Schweighöfer (41) has a new film project on the line. The German acting star is currently in front of the camera with none other than Jennifer Garner (50). The two are shooting together for the previously announced new Netflix film “Family Leave”.

Schweighöfer announced the news from Hollywood on Instagram with a photo of himself and Garner together: Arm in arm, the two smile at the camera. He wrote: “Now I can finally reveal why I’m here, among other things: Super proud to be able to shoot ‘Family Leave’ with this fantastic actress. […] Greetings to you dear people from Los Angeles!”

Netflix also recently confirmed in a statement that Schweighöfer has joined the cast of “Family Leave”. In addition to him and Garner, Ed Helms (49), Emma Myers (20), Brady Noon (17), Rita Moreno (91) and Bashir Salahuddin (46) are among them. Garner is also in charge of producing.

“Family Leave” is about the everyday family life of Jess and Bill Walker, whose children are growing older and more independent and want to have less and less to do with their parents. But a meeting with a fortune teller suddenly turns the family’s life upside down, because: The next morning, all roles in the family are completely reversed – of all things on a day when a promotion, a college interview, a record deal and a soccer audition pending. A big challenge for the Walkers…

How far the shooting is and when the film will be released is not yet known.