A tour bus belonging to Mark Forster (41) had an accident on Sunday night (April 13th). The singer confirmed this in an Instagram story this afternoon. Accordingly, the Nightliner’s accident occurred after the concert in Kiel.

Forster speaks of a “big shock,” but everyone is doing well. “No one was injured, no one was harmed,” writes the musician. He wasn’t on board himself. “We thank all the guardian angels and look forward to the next dates of this incredibly fulfilling tour,” he adds and asks his fans: “Drive carefully out there.”

According to media reports, the tour bus tipped over against the guardrail at a stop on the A24 motorway towards Berlin near Reinbek in Schleswig-Holstein and threatened to tip over into the ditch. The accident occurred around 5 a.m. The fire department secured the bus and it was then towed away. There are said to have been six people on board, all members of Forster’s band. The musicians were therefore able to continue their journey on another bus.

After the shock, Mark Forster and the band can now take a break: The next date for the “incredible arena tour” isn’t until April 26th in Freiburg. The singer will be on the road until August, the last date will be on August 18th in Bochum.