Actress Lisa Rinna (60) caused a sensation on the red carpet together with her daughters Amelia Gray Hamlin (22) and Delilah Belle Hamlin (25). The trio set bold fashion accents in Beverly Hills.

At the eighth Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards, Amelia Hamlin was named Model of the Year, which her family celebrated with her. Father Harry Hamlin (72) was also present. But the Hamlin daughters and their mother particularly attracted a lot of attention. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Rinna wore a long-sleeved light silk dress from Wiederhoeft’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection with a V-neckline and more than a dozen black bows tied around her entire body and arms. She had her brunette curls styled back.

Her daughters were even bolder: Amelia Hamlin had chosen a seductive look for her big evening with a transparent, long-sleeved and skin-tight white dress. She wore a white bodysuit underneath that also accentuated her curves. She completed her look with a low bun and white heels. Her sister Delilah appeared for the first time with a white and gray pixie haircut, and she also had bleached eyebrows to match. Her black lingerie-style dress, which showed a lot of skin, was also striking.

“I just posted a photo today from seven years ago from this event and Gigi Hadid won the Model of the Year Award. Here we are and Amelia is Model of the Year,” Lisa Rinna proudly told Us Weekly. “It’s overwhelming. It’s just amazing how life can turn out and you get what you want. She really wanted that.”

Amelia, who has walked for luxury labels like Chanel, Max Mara and Jean Paul Gaultier, was just as excited. “This is special. I’m very blessed and come from a privileged family, but I think I’m kind of walking proof of how manifestation works.” She gave everyone the advice: “Follow your dreams. Don’t give up, apply.”