When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, the 2023 trend is definitely moving away from the matt look towards a glossy finish. Not only in terms of make-up, but also on the nails. Thanks to trendsetters like Instagram star Kylie Jenner (25) or actress Julia Garner (29), lip gloss nails are among the hottest manicure trends in 2023. The hashtag is trending on TikTok

Lip gloss nails are characterized by a subtle tone that deviates only minimally from the color of the nail. Nail polishes in simple beige or nude tones as well as soft pink pastel tones are therefore suitable. The trendy beauty look is rounded off with a large portion of shine and gloss – in the form of a transparent top coat that gives the nails their shiny finish. The top coat can be applied in several layers, with each layer the lip gloss effect comes into its own.

The currently popular nail design looks particularly contemporary and natural in combination with short, round filed nails, which become a wonderful eye-catcher thanks to the glossy shimmer. If you want to wear lip gloss nails, you should take good care of your nail bed. The best way to do this is to regularly care for your cuticles and always provide the skin around your nails with enough moisture. Natural oils such as jojoba oil are particularly suitable for this.

Lip gloss nails look even better with well-groomed hands and nails. A natural beauty look is ready, which will certainly accompany us into the summer and is a wonderful addition to airy summer dresses and blouses.