All celebrities on “Let’s Dance” were spared an early farewell on April 12th, because for the new edition of the RTL dance show – also on RTL – the candidates had to temporarily swap their previous professionals. Since the adjustment also brought with it a number of challenges, the moderation duo Daniel Hartwich (45) and Victoria Swarovski (30) announced right at the beginning of the show that no celebrity would have to leave the show this week. Nevertheless, viewers should call in for their favorites as usual, because, on the one hand, the votes remain valid for the next show. On the other hand, the leading celebrity at the end of the show was able to look forward to a bonus point for the next show next Friday.

Jana Wosnitza (30) introduced the lively dance show with Massimo Sinató (43). The presenter and her dance partner received a lot of cheers from the audience for their samba, but the jury trio Joachim Llambi (59), Motsi Mabuse (43) and Jorge González (56) also expressed a little criticism. Although the latter found the whole thing “calient”, in the end only 23 out of 30 possible points were totaled.

The author Biyon Kattilathu (39) then dedicated himself to a quickstep with Malika Dzumaev (33). “You look rushed sometimes,” said Llambi. According to him, Kattilathu had “terrible problems” with his posture and the judge “didn’t like the dance at all”. Mabuse said that the celebrity had shown his insecurity too much and unfortunately he only received a mediocre 18 points.

Afterwards, Detlef D! Soost (53) and Kathrin Menzinger (35) convinced the jury with their Viennese waltz. González had never seen the ballroom dance with so much passion in the show – and so the duo secured a deserved 27 points. Mark Keller (58) and Ekaterina Leonova (36) also picked up the jury. Mabuse particularly liked the actor’s opening sequence, which made her think “really wow.” 25 points.

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24), who had to read many hateful comments about herself on the Internet, was visibly shaken after her “lumberjack cha cha cha” with Vadim Garbuzov (36). In an interview with the broadcaster before the show, Bendixen explained: “I don’t understand why people write such nasty things. You’re welcome to criticize, […] but this approach to character and this putting down” hits her. Although Bendixen only received 14 points for what, according to Llambi, was a “technically very manageable” performance, Mabuse, González and Swarovski, among others, tried to console the young influencer. Even the broadcaster took a stand on Instagram: “Vadim said it so beautifully and correctly: ‘Let’s Dance’ is an entertainment show! Hate has no place here. Ann-Kathrin, we think you’re great and we’re proud of the journey what you’ve done with us up to this point.”

“Show us what you can do,” Mabuse later asked the singer Lulu (32), who had shown a Slowfox with Alexandru Ionel (29). Unfortunately, she was no longer able to demonstrate the light-footedness from the previous week, which is why this time the jury only gave her 20 points – seven points less than the previous week. Influencer Sophia Thiel (29), who sometimes describes herself as a gross motor expert, showed her tender side alongside Valentin Lusin (37) during a slow waltz. The studio audience was thrilled, Mabuse’s tears rolled down and even Llambi, who was often critical, found the dance “emotionally very beautiful.” 23 points.

Comedian Tony Bauer (28) was able to secure one more point. González confirmed that he had done a “good job” at the jive with Marta Arndt (34). As the last celebrity dancer of the evening, Gabriel Kelly (22) alongside Anastasia Stan (26) was unfortunately unable to repeat his brilliant performance from last week. While he had recently won the first 30 points of the season, this time the jury trio only awarded 23 points due to a few small things.

As a special event, before the final announcement of the winner of the episode, there was a jury show act in which Llambi, Mabuse and González were able to demonstrate their own dance skills. However, Soost was not rewarded by the callers for the best celebrity dance performance of the evening. Mark Keller received the bonus point as the overall winner. Meanwhile, despite her 20 jury points, Lulu would have been eliminated if she had been evicted this week. The singer will have to work particularly hard again in the next broadcast.