Diane Kruger’s (47) latest film, the erotic thriller “Visions – Deadly Desire”, has been released in cinemas in France. In Germany, the work by director Yann Gozlan (47) was released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 12th. Kruger, who once celebrated her big international breakthrough with Wolfgang Petersen’s (1941-2022) historical epic “Troy”, plays in “Visions” a pilot married to a man who meets a former lover, embodied by the Spanish actress Marta Nieto (42 ). The two begin a passionate affair again. Kruger spoke about the sex and love scenes in her latest film in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

Kruger explains in the conversation that he is “generally not a fan of sex scenes in films.” However, this statement may sound “contradictory because there are some sex scenes in our film, but it depends on how they are filmed. In this film, I advocated that we shoot these scenes in a certain way. I am For example, not really seeing any nakedness because I thought the film was already voyeuristic in those scenes anyway. There are two women being watched through a hole in the wall making love. Filmed by a male director. Me “I didn’t want a layer of voyeurism to be added. That’s unnecessary.”

The actress, who has also appeared in the Tarantino film “Inglourious Basterds” in her long and successful career, also reports that she used to “drink a shot of whiskey or vodka” beforehand in order to feel safe during love scenes. “Now it’s no longer an issue, I don’t need the shot anymore,” said Kruger. However, filming the thriller “Visions – Deadly Desire” also presented her with completely different physical challenges. During the filming of Kruger’s numerous extensive swimming scenes that can be seen in the finished film, the sea was just “15 degrees water temperature”.