Once again it wasn’t enough for Lulu Lewe (32) on “Let’s Dance”. In the tenth show of this year’s season of the RTL show, the singer was voted out of the show for the second time. She previously stepped in at short notice for Mark Keller (59), who had to cancel due to health reasons. Unfortunately, in the end the combination of jury points and audience calls was not enough for Lulu and her dance partner Massimo Sinato (43) on the musical night.

This means that the best four candidates have been determined who will fight for a place in the final on May 17th next week: Gabriel Kelly (22), Jana Wosnitza (30), Detlef D! Soost (53) and Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) are fighting for the title “Dancing Star 2024”.

There was a “world premiere” in the tenth episode of “Let’s Dance”. Under the motto “A Special Musical Night”, the show took place outside the usual studio in Cologne’s “Musical Dome” and was linked to the musical “Moulin Rouge” that is currently running there. As moderator Daniel Hartwich (45) emphasized in his introduction, everything would be “a little more colorful and crazy” this evening.

Detlef D started the dance evening! Soost with dance partner Ekaterina Leonova (37). The two swapped classic roles for their performance: Detlef performed in an extravagant drag queen outfit, Ekaterina with a glued-on mustache. With their wild Charleston to Edith Piaf’s “Milord” they consistently delighted the jury. Jorge González (56) praised the appearance as “very brave” and Joachim Llambi (59) added: “Ekaterina can wear anything.” In the end, the two scored 26 points.

After Mark Keller’s injury-related absence, singer Lulu Lewe and Massimo Sinató returned after their departure. The conditions for their performance were extremely difficult. The two only had a day and a half to rehearse two dances. With their Viennese waltz to “La Complainte de la butte” by the French singer Zaz, despite Massimo’s idea to create “big theatrical images” on the big stage, the two of them couldn’t really entice the jury and only got 23 points.

In the third dance, candidates Jana Wosnitza and Vadim Garbuzov (37) received huge cheers not only from the visibly enthusiastic audience, but also from the jury. The two scored a whopping 29 points for their cha-cha-cha to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”. At the end of the voting, Llambi said: “Top dance, top verdict, top couple”. Motsi fired both of them with a euphoric “Keep it up!!” at. Jana Wosnitza was happy to have overcome her “cha-cha trauma” from the first episode.

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen and professional dancer Valentin Lusin (37) then found it difficult to reach the very high bar set by their predecessors. Shrouded in thick stage fog, the two danced a very strictly and conventional Slow Fox, which caused the audience to give a standing ovation, but did not convince the expert jury. “The person who put the fog on the stage meant well for you,” said the strict Mr. Llambi, especially the footwork was not right. In total, the jury only gave the two of them a measly 18 points.

Gabriel Kelly and his partner Malika Dzumaev (33) ultimately took the favorite position in the individual dances. The two threw all their emotions into the performance of their contemporary to “Your Song” by Elton John and received full points from all the judges. “It’s all perfect,” said González, summing up everyone’s impression.

The trio dances also continued spectacularly. Overall, Gonzalez, Mabuse and Llambi gave the top score three times out of five in the three-person dances: Soost, with Leonova and Mariia Maksina (27) and his tango, scored 30 points, as did Wosnitza, Garbuzov and Anastasia Stan (26). And of course Kelly, Dzumaev and Zsolt Sandor Cseke (36) also received 30 points for their jive from the otherwise strict jury.

Lewe, Sinato and Patricija Ionel (29) still got 26 points for their Cha-Cha-Cha, while Bendixens with Lusin and Alexandru Ionel (29) brought up the rear of the trio dances with their Rumba and 16 points.

Kelly in particular is now considered the big favorite after the quarter-finals, and the two perfect dances even made juror Llambi absolutely raving about it. He attested to his outstanding performance: “That wasn’t a quarter-final performance, nor one for the semi-finals – it could have been the last dance in the final.”