Comedienne Maria Clara Groppler tried a gag and started her cha-cha-cha with an ironing board named Pablo – but in the second episode of the new “Let’s Dance” season it was over for the 24-year-old. She was chosen as the first candidate from the RTL show on Saturday night.

In the jury’s evaluation, two participants performed worse than the 24-year-old, but the audience’s votes are counted. The judges gave Groppler and her dance partner Mikael Tatarkin, who is taking part in the format for the first time, 10 out of 30 possible points on Friday evening. Motsi Mabuse even stated: “I see very, very, very much potential.” However, the jury also demanded more concentration and seriousness. Groppler’s dance partner had already said during training: “You’ll drive me crazy if you start being silly.”

“I just wanted to dance.”

At the bottom of the jury’s rankings, with 7 points each, were entrepreneur Tillman Schulz (34) and author Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24), to whom Mabuse said: “You’ve probably never made movements like that before.”

In contrast, musician Gabriel Kelly continued his winning streak from the introductory show a week earlier. The jury gave the 22-year-old Kelly family member and his dance partner Malika Dzumaev 21 points for their quickstep. “That’s how it works, guys,” shouted juror Mabuse. During training, Kelly said: “It’s tough as hell. And it’s only week one.” After the performance he insisted: “I just wanted to dance.”

“This is basically Lulu versus the boys”

Influencer Sophia Thiel (28) and sports journalist Jana Wosnitza (30) were still struggling with their dancing shoes in the second show of the now 17th season. “I don’t think we’ll be best friends,” said Wosnitza. “But we’re getting closer.” Actor Mark Keller (58) was told by the jury to work on his hump. Model Eva Padberg (44) should show more emotions.

Mabuse attested the best development to the food creator Stefano Zarrella (33). The best celebrity woman of the evening was pop singer Lulu (32), sister of singer Sarah Connor. The jury honored her tango with professional dancer Massimo Sinató with 19 points – second place in the ranking. Overall, the celebrity men left a better impression, so juror Joachim Llambi stated: “It’s basically Lulu against the boys.”