Lena Meyer-Landrut (32) spoke for the first time about her self-identified addiction to smartphone games in the SWR3 podcast “1 plus 1 – Friendship for a Time”. In the second of a total of four parts of the audio program, which can be heard from today, September 13th, in the ARD Audiothek, on SWR3.de and wherever podcasts are available, the singer talks to author, podcaster and singer Giulia Becker (“Neo Magazine Royale”, 32).

“I know that you are a gamer, you play,” says the former ESC winner, initially addressing the person she is talking to. When Becker then jokingly declared that he was at risk of addiction, the singer apparently said about herself: “I’m not at risk of being addicted to gambling – I think I’m addicted to gambling. No joke.”

Meyer-Landrut blames the fact that she has an addiction problem on, among other things, the fact that she cannot delete the games she loves from her smartphone. “Then I go through withdrawal and then I just download it again,” she explains. The 32-year-old thinks that “self-protection” doesn’t work for her: “That means I’m addicted.”

When the conversation turns to which games Meyer-Landrut prefers, it appears that for a while “farm games” and the classic “Candy Crush” were very popular with her. However, she would now swear by “online Uno, online bingo and online Yatzi”. Meyer-Landrut also regularly makes in-app purchases, which is why the person she spoke to quickly called her “In-App Lena”.

Meyer-Landrut could be heard on the podcast “1 plus 1 – Temporary Friendship” the previous week. In episode one, she talked about her painful riding accident in which she broke two vertebrae. In “1 plus 1 – Temporary Friendship”, two prominent personalities who don’t or barely know each other talk to each other every Wednesday for a month. After four episodes they have to decide whether they want to remain friends.