After a sharp price jump, diesel is now only 5.1 cents cheaper than E10 premium gasoline. Both fuels have recently become more expensive, as the ADAC announced.

Diesel gained 5.2 cents within a week and cost a nationwide average of 1.838 euros per liter on Tuesday. Premium gasoline of the E10 variety increased in price much more slowly: by 1.5 cents to 1.889 euros.

Although crude oil has also become more expensive, the increase – especially for diesel – is incomprehensible, explained the ADAC. There is no apparent “justification for such high fuel prices”.

The price difference between diesel and E10 is currently unusually small. The tax on diesel is around 20 cents lower. On a long-term average before the Ukraine war, diesel was a good 15 cents cheaper than E10. Last year, due to the war, diesel was temporarily more expensive than gasoline because the fuel had previously been imported in large quantities from Russia. The relationship had returned to normal since the spring. Just two months ago, diesel was 16.6 cents cheaper than E10, according to ADAC.