Hollywood star George Clooney has pledged his support to striking Hollywood screenwriters and actors. “We are all for a decent and fair wage,” said the 62-year-old on Wednesday evening at the Digital X internet conference in Cologne. Nobody wants to hear him talk about injustice as an actor because he has had a very happy career. However, there are numerous actors in the industry who are struggling to earn a living.

Screenwriters from the Writers Guild union have been on strike since the beginning of May. In mid-July, actors from the acting union SAG-AFTRA joined the writers. Among other things, they demand better remuneration and rules for the use of artificial intelligence. Clooney, along with other Hollywood greats, is one of the major donors who support union emergency aid programs.

Clooney says he can still remember leaner times: “I was an unemployed actor for ten years, riding my bike to auditions and sleeping on the floor of a storage room for four years,” he said.