Looking for an uncomplicated but all the more elegant hairstyle for fall? The classic French bob is then the perfect choice. With its effortless simplicity, the French bob is becoming the most popular hairstyle for the natural and timeless look in the golden autumn. The length harmonizes perfectly with turtleneck sweaters.

The French Bob is known for its characteristic length. The trendy haircut usually reaches to the chin or just below. It’s shorter than the classic bob, but that’s exactly what makes it so special. This cut adds an elegant touch to any look while emphasizing facial features. A special characteristic of the French bob is the fringed cut – think of Audrey Tautou’s (47) hairstyle in “The Fabulous World of Amelie”.

Unlike the classic bob, the ends of the hair are not cut straight. Instead, they are cut in a slightly irregular and layered manner to create a soft and relaxed look. This gives the hair natural movement and texture.

“Most French girls had this haircut as children in Paris (often cut by their own mothers!). While the cut has a sweet and innocent touch, it is also inherently cool without trying too hard,” explains the French Celebrity hairdresser Rudy Martins in conversation with the fashion and beauty online magazine “Who What Wear”.

When the days get shorter again and the temperatures get cooler, there may be less time for styling in the morning: the French bob is incredibly easy to care for and therefore the perfect hairstyle for a cozy autumn. Compared to other hairstyles, the French bob requires really little styling effort, so the haircut is very easy to manage in everyday life.