Kate Beckinsale (50) has processed the death of her cat with a new tattoo: On Instagram, the actress posted a photo of her forearm, which now has a perfectly shaded drawing of the cat Clive’s head.

The face of the pet is entwined with fine graphic stars, signs and circles. Regarding the pictures and a video showing the piercing process, the actress writes: “It really helped” and thanks her tattoo artist.

Clive died in June this year at the age of 15 or 16. Even then, Beckinsale expressed her grief with an Instagram post. You can’t even look at photos of the cat at the moment, Beckinsale wrote in it. “Every single corner of my house feels like it should be there. If anyone is expecting a response from me, that’s not going to happen for now, I’m sorry.” And clarified: “My heart is absolutely and completely broken.”

She spoke to “People” in 2019 about the long-haired cat: Accordingly, they got him when her daughter Lily Sheen (24) was still small and reported that he had survived cancer.

For years, the cat was one of the actress’ favorite motifs on Instagram. They liked to pose together for the followers – often both with painted nails and in funny disguises.