Justin Bieber (30) is known for his rather unconventional outfits: but with this leisure look he caused a particular stir. On Wednesday (April 17), the singer was spotted in West Hollywood wearing an unusual sweatpants style. Bieber not only wore one of the comfortable gray designer training pants from Balenciaga, but two on top of each other. One of the pants hung behind his knees, while he wore the ones underneath at a normal height.

But that wasn’t enough comfortable extravagance: Justin Bieber wore comfortable plush loafers from Louis Vuitton on his feet. They come from the first spring and summer collection by musician Pharrell Williams, who was appointed new creative director of the French luxury label in February 2023. According to the Daily Mail, the designer slippers cost a mere $3,600 (equivalent to 2,895 euros).

In contrast, Justin Bieber was dressed relatively normally: he combined a beige hoodie and a black baseball cap with double jogging pants and luxury slippers. He was later spotted in the same outfit on his way to dinner with friends – wearing a black leather jacket with his sweatpants ensemble.