Even though “RTL Saturday Night” was canceled last millennium – the great role model “Saturday Night Live” still runs every week in the USA. With major guest appearances from the Hollywood elite and great gags, the show ensures an enthusiastic audience even after more than five decades. But we haven’t experienced anything like Saturday: Guest star Ryan Gosling just couldn’t help but laugh – and in the end even the hardened comedians couldn’t stop laughing.

Gosling was actually supposed to irritate the audience. Apparently the sketch was about an “expert interview” on the topic of AI. But the expert, played by “SNL” legend Kenan Thompson, repeatedly appeared irritated by a viewer. He complained that it looked so strange. When the camera finally turns to the audience, there is Ryan Gosling – dressed as Butthead from the MTV classic “Beavis and Butthead”.

Even then, Gosling can hardly contain himself from laughing. He desperately clings to the text and tries to pull off the sketch. He says he doesn’t even know who this butthead is or what he’s supposed to look like. “I don’t watch that much TV,” he chuckles. SNL cast member Heidi Gardner is also finding it increasingly difficult to control herself in her role as a presenter.

When Gosling finally follows the script and is swapped for someone else, Gardner briefly calms down. Until Thompson asks her to change the new guest too. However, when she turns around and sees Mikey Day dressed as Beavis, it breaks her. She can hardly stop laughing. Day looks too much like the bizarre cartoon character with the gum grin. For seconds she tries again and again to pull herself together, but the professional façade always breaks. She only gets the next questions together while laughing.

When the camera takes a new angle and shows Gosling and Day next to each other, only Thompson can control himself; the rest of the cast has long since lost control. Regardless of whether someone is supposed to ask questions or answer them, everyone is constantly giggling and sometimes they can’t even get a straight sentence out. The charm of the sketch has long since outgrown the original gag.

The fact that the sketch was so funny is probably due to the great make-up. The stylist responsible for the show, Louie Zakarian, reports on Instagram how he turned Day into Beavis with an artificial nose, lifted lips and a partially bald head. The actors’ laughter apparently also had something to do with the fact that a simpler version of the make-up was used in rehearsals. “I had the impression that she saw it for the first time when she turned around and that’s why she laughed so hard,” commented an Instagram user Heidi Gardner’s reaction. “It was even better when we recorded it,” confirms Zakarian.

But Gosling didn’t completely fail. In other sketches of the evening he kept his composure much better; a singing duet in which he covered the Taylor Swift song “All too well” with Emily Blunt was enthusiastically celebrated.

The laughing clip is still going viral online. The parodies often played by the celebrity guests are always popular – such as Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump or, most recently, Scarlett Johansson as Katie Britt (find out more here) – but they are rarely shared as often as the laugh clip. Sometimes failure is just nicer.

Quelle: Saturday Night Live, Instagram