The German actor and voice actor Jürgen Kluckert (1943 – 2023) is dead. He was best known for his voice in the “Benjamin Blümchen” radio plays and as Mr. Krabs in the TV series “SpongeBob SquarePants”. He was 79 years old and, according to media reports, last lived in Potsdam.

His colleague Julia Bautz (30) mourned the loss of her colleague on Twitter and thus drew attention to the death of the trained actor. Bautz wrote about a picture of Benjamin Blümchen: “Today I am thinking of a voice from my childhood, his warm manner, his warmth and his wonderful family. Have a good trip, take care of yourself up there and thank you for Benjamin Blümchen , Mr. Krabs and just endless childhoods.”

In 1994, Kluckert took over the role of the talking elephant Benjamin Blümchen from his deceased colleague Edgar Ott. In 2002 he took on the role of speaker from Mr. Krabs. In addition to his voice work for the well-known children’s radio plays and the animated television series, Kluckert was also the voice actor for Morgan Freeman (86) and Chuck Norris (83).