Millions follow her on TikTok and Instagram: Ana Kohler (25) is successful as an influencer and singer – and can now call herself a princess. For Disney’s World Princess Week (August 21-27), she contributed a song that, according to the press release, aims to inspire young girls to never give up and be brave when trying new things. The song “Like a Princess” will be released on August 25th. A day later, on August 26, Disney Channel will be showing princess movies all day.

But things are also going well for the native Portuguese privately, after the engagement with model Luca Heubl (26), the two are planning their fairytale wedding. In the interview, she reveals the wedding date and how far the couple is preparing for the big day.

Ana Kohler: The song “Like A Princess” is an absolute heart project. If anyone could have predicted that 15-year-old Ana would be releasing a song with Disney with a great message that is very important and beautiful for young and old, she would have cried with joy. This whole project is very close to my heart and that it’s actually happening now is still surreal to me. I am very grateful to Disney for this opportunity.

Kohler: Definitely. I used to dress up as a princess and acted out everything the same way. Even when I was in the Disney Parks, my absolute highlights were the great princesses. But at some point I learned that (just like in the movies) we are all our own princesses – with our personal strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and emotions. None of us are the same or perfect, and that’s a good thing. We all have our own dreams, ideas about life and goals.

Kohler: It’s very difficult to say, I love and appreciate every single one. Each one is special in its own way and also brings with it some quality or passion that we can identify with. But if I had to name one, it would be Mulan. She shaped and inspired me the most.

Kohler: If you had told me that five years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it, but yes, I’m heading towards my personal happy ending and I’m grateful every day to have such a wonderful partner by my side. He supports me wherever he can and we have experienced and gone through so much together over the past three years. Getting engaged just made us even closer as a team and it really feels like I’m starring in my very own fairy tale movie.

Kohler: Not at all. We’ve talked about it before, but Luca always gave a very neutral answer. He always had the same saying ready: “When the time is right, then it will come.” Actually, I wouldn’t have expected it until next year, but the surprise was all the nicer when the application actually came. It was the most beautiful feeling of happiness ever.

Kohler: We’re actually pretty far along in planning the wedding. We chose October 12, 2024 as our wedding anniversary because that’s when we’ve officially been together for four years and we think getting married on our anniversary is very magical. A few weeks ago we also found our location and it’s in Portugal, because I’m from there and we both feel incredibly comfortable in Lagos.

Kohler: Big might be the wrong word since we decided to have a small wedding. There will be around 50 guests and we want an intimate but magical wedding to share with our closest and dearest. The day should simply be about celebrating our mutual love and taking this beautiful step in marriage together.

Kohler: Even when I was little, I had a ready-made vision for my future wedding dress and I was firmly convinced that it would be the same – and lo and behold, it’s not like that. I went to a bridal shop a few weeks ago and it turned out exactly what I didn’t plan. After this experience, I would advise every bride-to-be to try on dresses that you would not actually have worn. For example, I had this absolute wow moment when I put on a dress that my little sister really loved. It ended up being this dress. I am so over the moon with my decision and can’t wait to put it back on.

Kohler: We’ll try to get our viewers and listeners on board as best we can. Despite everything, we don’t want to focus on filming the whole time on this day. We want to enjoy it all to ourselves, but we also have a great team that will capture everything photographically and videographically.