“Sin City” star Jessica Alba (42) wants to take a step back: The actress is withdrawing from her position as creative director of the personal care and baby products manufacturer “The Honest Company”. The company announced this in a press release on Tuesday (April 9). Alba, who founded the company in 2012, wants to concentrate on “new projects” in the future.

With “Honest,” the actress known from films like “Honey” and “Fantastic Four” is giving up her passion project. “When I founded The Honest Company, I wanted to transform the consumer products industry, and I’m proud to say we’ve done just that,” said Alba. “Honest was a labor of love for me – one that showed me what is possible when you give a company purpose.” However, the company founded by Alba with a focus on transparency and sustainability will not have to do without the actress entirely. As the press release states, Alba will remain on the company board.

After her resignation became known, Alba also spoke out again on her private Instagram page: “It is with a grateful heart that I am stepping down from my leadership role as Chief Creative Officer twelve years after founding The Honest Company.” The actress also shares several flashbacks, which show, among other things, the young Jessica Alba in a department store in 2011. It wasn’t an easy decision for the actress, but she believes in the future of the company. “Honest” helped her to be “the best version of myself.”

With her resignation, Alba should now be able to fully concentrate on her latest project: As “Deadline” reported in February, Alba is said to have founded the production company “Lady Spitfire” with film producer Tracey Nyberg. With her latest project, the mother of three wants to “make women and minorities appear in the world through great stories.”