On May 21st, the ProSieben channel will show a new experiment by Jenke von Wilmsdorff (56) at 8:15 p.m. This time it’s all about the topic of love, as the broadcaster announced on Thursday. In “JENKE. Experiment Love: From dating apps to sex robots – How will we love in the future?” the TV journalist enters into a relationship with an avatar.

As part of the experiment, von Wilmsdorff travels to Japan. In the country known for its technological progress, he is researching the relationship model of the future. He is also conducting research on this topic in the USA and Germany. To do this, the 56-year-old speaks to experts, psychologists and people who are already in a relationship with an AI-controlled avatar.

Jenke von Wilmsdorff – who announced his separation from his wife in 2022 and has been single since then – will also test for himself whether he can fall in love with an artificial intelligence. The 34-year-old “Anna” was programmed entirely according to the wishes of the television celebrity. He gets to the bottom of the question: Is this what the love relationship of the future will look like?

Von Wilmsdorff carried out numerous self-experiments as part of his “Jenke experiments”. In 2021, for example, he underwent more than 60 cosmetic procedures on his face. Five years earlier, he starved himself for 28 days on an extreme diet and lost ten kilos. The Bonn resident’s drug experiment attracted particular attention, in which he experimented with hard drugs in order to clarify their risks.