Jay Leno (74) and his wife Mavis Leno (77) apparently cannot be defeated. Despite her dementia, which caused the US talk show star to officially gain guardianship of his wife at the beginning of April, the two attended the premiere of the new Netflix film “Unfrosted” at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening. The couple clearly enjoyed the evening.

Leno chose a black suit for the red carpet appearance, underneath which he wore a light blue shirt. Wife Mavis came in an ensemble consisting of dark blue trousers, a patterned blouse, a blue and red scarf and blue sneakers. The two were photographed by the photographers, beaming and arm in arm.

“I feel great,” the 77-year-old told “Entertainment Tonight” on the red carpet on Tuesday. Jay Leno gushed about his marriage: “We’re together every day. We have a great time. Married 44 years, so we’re doing well.”

In January, Jay Leno filed for guardianship of his wife in a Los Angeles court because he has been caring for her since she suffered from dementia. In January, documents obtained by USA Today said Mavis had been “increasingly losing capacity and orientation with respect to space and time for several years.” Leno has been officially her guardian since the beginning of April. A judge granted him guardianship after a hearing: “I think she’s in the least restrictive environment. I think she’s in very good hands with Mr. Leno.”

Leno, who became one of the most famous talk show hosts in the USA with his “The Tonight Show”, also stated in court that he was already taking care of his wife’s estate, all assets, community property and will. The two have been married for more than 40 years. The couple met in the 1970s. In 1980 they said yes.