Actress Melissa McCarthy (53) apparently has no problem with her famous colleague Barbra Streisand (82). The 82-year-old previously made a comment about McCarthy on Instagram that many found to be insensitive. At the premiere of her new film “Unfrosted” in Hollywood, the 53-year-old appeared unimpressed on the red carpet.

Earlier this week, Barbra Streisand commented on an Instagram photo of Melissa McCarthy, in which she was visibly slimmed down, with the words – since deleted -: “Have you taken Ozempic?” Ozempic is a drug used for weight loss. The singer apologized shortly afterwards and the person addressed had already joked about it in an Instagram clip: “Barbra Streisand knows I exist!” said McCarthy. In the post, she holds a magazine with Streisand on the cover and adds that Barbra contacted her “and said I looked good. I won.”

Barbra Streisand also apologized in an Instagram Story, saying: “OMG – I went on Instagram to see the photos we posted of the beautiful flowers I got for my birthday! There was a photo of them below my friend Melissa McCarthy, who I sang with on my Encore album. She looked amazing! I just wanted to compliment her. I forgot the world was reading!”

When asked whether Barbra Streisand’s comment was “inappropriate,” Melissa McCarthy dismissed it, according to the Daily Mail, and replied: “I think Barbra is a sweetheart and I love her.”

In the new Netflix film “Unfrosted” by Jerry Seinfeld (70), Melissa McCarthy can be seen alongside Jim Gaffigan (57), Hugh Grant (63) and Amy Schumer (42).