Tremors in the hit world: Vicky Leandros (70) revealed in an interview with “Bild” that her tour in autumn 2023 should be the last and that she wanted to retire afterwards. “I think it’s time to stop,” said the singer. As a reason for this consideration she gives: “I turned 70 in the summer. That’s when you start to think about the finitude of life. At some point it has to be over.”

During the Corona pandemic, when concerts were not possible, Leandros had a lot of opportunity to think. Although she currently feels physically good, she apparently became aware that this could change quickly. “I want to stop on my own terms and definitely don’t want to go on stage with a walking stick.”

However, this thought does not make her gloomy, she is looking forward to “my new phase of life.” This is also reflected in their music: “My view of the future is positive through and through. That’s why my farewell tour is also called ‘I love life’. There’s so much beauty and encouragement in the title.”